Nibbles and platters
Nachos with Chili Mince Toasted corn chips with chili mince beef, salsa and melted cheese, served with guacamole & sour cream. $14.00
Prawn Twisters with Tartare Sauce and Sweet Chili. $11.50
Salt and Pepper Calamari Salt and Pepper Calamari over a bed of lettace $12.50
Cajun Chicken Skewers Marinated Cajun Chicken Skewers $10.00
Thai Beef Skewers Marinated beef Skewers with our Thai Tasting Sauce $10.00
Samosa and Spring Rolls with Sweet Chili and Barbeque Sauce. $8.00
-Prawn Sizzlers Plate King Prawns cooked in Garlic Butter served on a sizzling hot plate $14.00
Regular Fries $7.00
Cheese & Gravy Fries $8.00
Bacon, Cheese and Sour Cream Wedges $10.00
The Estab Platter This Great Platter will Feed 2-3 People Cajun chicken skewers,Thai Beef Skewers,Prawn Twisters,Lemon Pepper Calamari,Mini Sliders,Spring Rolls and Samosas accompanied by Sauces $39.00