Drinks at The Establishment

69er Creme de cacao, Creme de menthe $8.00
B52 Kahula, Baileys and Cointreau $8.00
Bartender’s Whim Your Bartender’s favourite $8.00
Chocolate Cake Frangelico, Citron Vodka and Lime coated in Sugar $8.00
Foxy Brown Jaegermeister and Butterscotch $8.00
Godfather Jack Daniels & Disarano $8.00
Horny Monkey Banana Liquer, Kahlua & Baileys $8.00
N.A.T.O. Peach Vodka, Apple Sourz & Amaretto $8.00
Quick Fuck Baileys, Kahlua & Midori $8.00
Rim Rider Feijoa Vodka, Barcardi 151 and Hypnotic $8.00
Slippery Nipple White Sambuca and Baileys $8.00
Snickers Bar Frangelico & Kahlua topped with salt $8.00
Stiff Dick Butterscotch & Baileys $8.00
Vanilla Sky Vanilla Vodka with Chambord $8.00
Wet Pussy Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Cranberry Juice and Lime $8.00
Sucker Punch Chartreuse and Apple Sourz $9.00
Three Wise Men Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker & Jim Beam $9.00